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Online Banking FAQs

Online Banking FAQs:

I’m on the bank’s website trying to login but, I get an error.

Are you on the new website? You should see:

First Commerce Bank website home page


Please use this URL:

I’m using the mobile app and can’t login.

Have you deleted the old mobile app and installed the new one? We have a new mobile app that looks like this. 

First Commerce Bank app logo


I’m getting and error saying invalid username or password.

Are you using your current username and the last 6 digits of your SSN/TAX ID as your temporary password?

I’ve made it to the screen to create a new password and I get an error.
  • When is asks you for your current password, are you entering your old password? Your current password is the last 6 digits of your SSN/TAX ID.

  • Passwords must be 8-15 digits and contain 1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter and either 1 number or special character. Special characters not allowed are $, !, <, >, :, [, ], * or = .

  • Does your password contain any 3 consecutive letters/numbers used in your login name? Passwords cannot contain parts of your username.

I’ve entered my contact method (email or cell phone/text) and I haven’t received my verification code.
  • For email, check your junk/spam folder.

  • For both email/texts, do you have a good internet signal?

  • For text, send a message to 44660. If you receive a message back, the system is working, try having the code sent again.  If you do not receive a message back, you will need to call your cell phone provide and have them allow short code on your phone. This change will allow you to receive the codes.

I’ve received my verification code to either my email or cell phone. When I try to enter the code in online banking, I receive a message saying invalid code.
  • If there is a character that looks like an (O) alpha, it is usually a number 0, not a letter.

  • The code may have become invalid if it was received more than 10 min prior to being entered in online banking.

Why am I being asked a second time for my email?

The first email or SMS request is the contact method for your security code when logging in, the second one is for statement notifications and a reset PW link if your ever need to reset your PW. You can skip this for later or opt out. 

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